Learn How to Use Possessive Pronouns in Albanian Language

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********Possessive Pronouns show ownership. Possessive Pronouns in Albanian language agree in gender and number with the noun they modify.

Masculine singular

In masculine (singular) they go like this: im, yt, i tij, i saj, ynë, juaj, i tyre

  • Libri im (My book)
  • Libri yt (Your book)
  • Libri i tij (His book)
  • Libri i saj (Her book)
  • Libri ynë (Our book)
  • Libri juaj (Your book)
  • Libri i tyre (Their book)

Masculine plural

In masculine (plural) they go like this: e mi, e tu, e tij, e saj, tanë, tuaj, e tyre

  • Librat e mi (My books)
  • Librat e tu (Your books)
  • Librat e tij (His books)
  • Librat e saj (Her books)
  • Librat tanë (Our books)
  • Librat tuaj (Your books)
  • Librat e tyre (Their books)

Feminine singular

In feminine (singular) they go like this: ime, jote, e tij, e saj, jonë, juaj, e tyre

  • Lulja ime (My flower)
  • Lulja jote (Your flower)
  • Lulja e tij (His flower)
  • Lulja e saj (Her flower)
  • Lulja jonë (Our flower)
  • Lulja juaj (Your flower)
  • Lulja e tyre (Their flower)

Feminine plural

In feminine (plural) they go like this: e mia, e tua, e tij, e saj, tona, tuaja, e tyre

  • Lulet e mia (My flowers)
  • Lulet e tua (Your flowers)
  • Lulet e tij (His flowers)
  • Lulet e saj (Her flowers)
  • Lulet tona (Our flowers)
  • Lulet tuaja (Your flowers)
  • Lulet e tyre (Their flowers)

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