Our Story

Ever wanted to learn Albanian but didn’t know where to start?

That’s exactly why we created OnAlbanian.

I’m Ardit, the founder of this platform. With a background as a software engineer, I decided to tackle a problem I kept hearing about from my girlfriend and other expats: the lack of accessible, high-quality resources for learning Albanian. There was nothing quite like Duolingo, nor a place that offered practical, engaging practice for the language. So, I built OnAlbanian to fill that gap, making it easier for everyone to learn Albanian wherever they are and however they choose.

Albanian is a hard language, and we are here for you

Albanian might not be the simplest language to pick up — its twists and turns can be quite the handful. But that’s exactly what we’re here for at OnAlbanian. Our platform offers more than 5,000 words, complete with flashcards, and hundreds of quizzes to ease you into mastering the language. We also have plenty of grammar lessons sorted by category and difficulty to guide you smoothly along the way. We keep things light and supportive, helping you progress at your own pace.

Grammar made easy

An important part of learning a language is understanding the rules. At the same time, this is often the least favorite part for many. Our approach is giving you the most essential grammar formulas. With examples so you can understand them. And followed by - guess what - a ton of exercises to practice.

Practice while waiting in the supermarket line

If you can manage to integrate learning Albanian into your daily life, you have a higher chance of succeeding. The trick is that, after having a long day at work, coming home and cooking and doing the dishes - there are so many hours in a day. Blocking one hour or even 30 minutes seems like a hard task these days.

At OnAlbanian, we see things in a different light. We highly believe in building habits. One session of flashcards while brushing your teeth. Another while waiting for your friend at the coffee shop, or while the pasta water is boiling. We take away the burden of saying "I don't have time." And guess what: you don't even have to worry about doing the exercises right. That's another burden we want to take off your shoulders. We are huge believers that: 👇

Every run is a good run

As an avid ultramarathon runner and enthusiast of endurance races, I live by a simple philosophy: the moment I lace up my running shoes and hit the trail, it's already a successful run, regardless of the distance or time. This mindset has been a true blessing in my life. At OnAlbanian, we embrace the same philosophy. We believe that every bit of effort counts, and our achievement system is designed to reward your perseverance. Just as consistent training leads to greatness in endurance sports, regular practice on our platform helps you master Albanian. Stick with it, and you'll see just how much you can achieve.

Improve your Albanian

Ready to learn Albanian the smart way? We'll organize your knowledge, so you can show up and practice.

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