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How to learn Albanian?

How does our platform help you learn Albanian?

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Variety of Resources

Look through 1500+ verbs with conjugations, 2500+ nouns, 1200+ adjectives of your level. All translated and simplified with an example in English.

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Practice with Flashcards

Effortlessly grow your vocabulary base with interactive and personalized flashcards

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Take the Quiz

Test you knowledge with different types of Quizzes including listening, alternatives and sentence building.

The tool you've missed

Swipe, listen, browse, and complete your way to fluency, with our all-in-one learning tool.

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Custom Flashcards
built for you

Based on your interests, level and learning experience.

Learn by context through looking at each word's example. Add your own notes if that's easier to remember.

Practice one word often so you learn it

Sneak in some extra language practice during your workout, or while waiting in line, by using flashcards.

Learn Albanian with Quizzes from any category

We create customized quizzes so you can check what you have learned so far.

Test your knowledge and assess your progress in learning Albanian. Quizzes come in forms of sentence order, word guessing or listening and guessing the word in english.

Each quiz is designed to reinforce specific concepts and vocabulary related to Albanian language learning.

Quizzes provide immediate feedback to help you identify areas that need improvement and reinforce correct answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers. Check out our FAQ section to understand better OnAlbanian.

Resources like verbs, nouns, adjectives and so on, have a translation, an example sentence and audio. In addition verbs have the conjugations in the basic tenses, nouns have the definition form, plural form and so on.

Yes, OnAlbanian provides also grammar quizzes like verb conjugations and sentence order. Besides it, for nouns, you can practice the plural form or definite and indefinite forms.

We encourage you to. Any time the word your are learning is not in the platform, you can add that with you own notes. We will review it and make it available to everyone. We also reward you for that.

There is. We thought you might want to take a quiz and swipe some word in the flashcards, right before going to sleep.
We also want to feel like a cool hacker while studying. Consider it a reward for your hard work.

Every week we send an article to your inbox. Articles vary on different topics that we think you would need in your Albanian language learning journey. You can check it out here.

Please write us here: [email protected] We will get back to any of your questions within 24 hours. And if you have any, we would love your suggestions or ideas.

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