Personal Pronouns in Albanian: Essential Tips for Learners

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Albanian, like many other languages, uses personal pronouns to replace nouns in sentences. These pronouns indicate the person or people involved in an action.

Here is a list of the personal pronouns in Albanian:


  • Unë (I)
  • Ti (You - singular, informal)
  • Ai (He)
  • Ajo (She)


  • Ne (We)
  • Ju (You - plural, formal or addressing more than one person)
  • Ata (They - masculine)
  • Ato (They - feminine)

Examples of Personal Pronouns used in sentences:

  • Unë kam një motër. (I have a sister)
  • Ti je shumë punëtore. (You are very hardworking)
  • Ai është në punë. (He is at work)
  • Ajo studion në Francë. (She studies in France)
  • Ne do të shkojmë në kinema. (We will go to the cinema)
  • Ju do të vini me ne. (You will come with us)
  • Ata janë kolegët e mi. (They are my colleagues - masculine)
  • Ato janë shoqet e mia. (They are my friends - feminine)

Extra information:

As you may have noticed, compared to English, the Pronoun “It” is not used in the Albanian language.

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