Irregular Verbs in Albanian: Tips to Learn and Retain

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Irregular verbs in Albanian, as in many languages, do not follow the regular conjugation patterns established for other verbs. This variance is particularly noticeable in the first and second person singular forms.

Regular Verb Conjugation Example

To illustrate the standard conjugation form, let's look at the verb "Luaj" (to play):

  • Unë luaj (I play)
  • Ti luan (You play, singular)
  • Ai luan (He plays)
  • Ajo luan (She plays)
  • Ne luajmë (We play)
  • Ju luani (You play, plural)
  • Ata luajnë (They play - masculine)
  • Ato luajnë (They play - feminine)

Irregular Verb Conjugations

Irregular verbs exhibit variations from this pattern, especially in the first and second person singular forms. Below are examples of some irregular verbs in Albanian:

Dua - to want

  • Unë dua (I want)
  • Ti do (You want, singular)
  • Ai do (He wants)
  • Ajo do (She wants)
  • Ne duam (We want)
  • Ju doni (You want, plural)
  • Ata duan (They want - masculine)
  • Ato duan (They want - feminine)

Bëj - to do/make

  • Unë bëj (I do/make)
  • Ti bën (You do/make, singular)
  • Ai bën (He does/makes)
  • Ajo bën (She does/makes)
  • Ne bëjmë (We do/make)
  • Ju bëni (You do/make, plural)
  • Ata bëjnë (They do/make - masculine)
  • Ato bëjnë (They do/make - feminine)

Shoh - to see

  • Unë shoh (I see)
  • Ti sheh (You see, singular)
  • Ai sheh (He sees)
  • Ajo sheh (She sees)
  • Ne shohim (We see)
  • Ju shihni (You see, plural)
  • Ata shohin (They see - masculine)
  • Ato shohin (They see - feminine)

Them - to say

  • Unë them (I say)
  • Ti thua (You say, singular)
  • Ai thotë (He says)
  • Ajo thotë (She says)
  • Ne themi (We say)
  • Ju thoni (You say, plural)
  • Ata thonë (They say - masculine)
  • Ato thonë (They say - feminine)

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