Interrogative Questions in Albanian

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We all know that the interrogative form in all languages is used to ask questions. Every language has their variations of asking different questions.

Here are some ways to form interrogative questions in Albanian:

  1. Pyetje me Fjalë Pyetëse ( Question Words)
  • Introduce the question with a question word (Who, What, Where, When , Why, How, Which)
  • Example: Ku je? (Where are you?)

Inverzioni (Inversion)

  • Reverse the word order of the subject and the verb. *A po shkon ti? (Are you going?)

Using the particle “a” or “apo”

*The particles “a” or “apo” can be used at the beginning of a sentence to indicate a question. *Example: A do të vijë ai? (Will he come?)

Using the particle “mos”

*The particle “mos” is used to form negative questions. *Example: Mos e di? (Don’t you know?)

Using the particle “nuk”:

*The particle “nuk” is used to form negative questions, particularly in the present tense.

*Example: Nuk është kjo e vërtetë? (Isn’t this true?)

Pyetje Retorike (Tag Questions):

*Add a short question at the end of a statement to seek confirmation or agreement. *Example: Ku e dije ti që isha në shtëpi unë? ( Where did you know that I was home?)

(Pyetje jo të drejtpërdrejta) Indirect Questions

*Embed the question within a larger sentence or clause. *Example: Ai pyeti nëse ajo do vinte. (He asked if she would come.)

Using “a” or “apo” with inversion:

*Combine the particles “a” or “apo” with inversion for certain types of quesitons.

*Example: A po shkon ai? (Is he going?)

Remember that intonation plays a crucial role in distinguishing questions from statement in spoken Albanian, just as it does in English. Typically the pitch come at the end of a yes/no question and falls at the end of a statement or a declarative question.

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