The future tense

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The Future Tense is used to express actions or events that will happen or are expected to happen after the current moment. It allows the speakers to talk about plans, predictions, intentions, or expectations regarding the future.

In Albanian, the Future tense is formed using the auxiliary verb “do të” (will) combined with the infinitive form of the main verb.

Affirmative Form:

do të (will) + infinitive verb

It is important to know that the infinitive verb, has its suffixes in the end, depending on the person and number. Below you may find some examples of the future tense and also notice the suffixes added to the infinitive verbs.


  • Unë do të mësoj.
  • Ti do të vizatosh.
  • Ai do të kërcejë.
  • Ajo do të këndojë.
  • Ne do të fitojmë.
  • Ju do të flisni.
  • Ata do të ligjëroj.
  • Ato do të vij.

Negative Form:

nuk (not) + do të (will) + infinitive verb

As you may have noticed, the negative form in Albanian is formed by adding the negation “nuk” at the beginning, before the auxiliary verb “do të” and the infinitive verb. This is completely different from English language, where the negation comes after the auxiliary verb.

Everything remains the same, only the negation “nuk” is placed on the first position after the subject/pronoun.


  • Unë nuk do të kthehem. ( I will not return/ be back)
  • Ti nuk do të mungosh ( You will not be absent)
  • Ai nuk do të flejë (He will not sleep)
  • Ajo nuk do të performojë (She will not perform)
  • Ne nuk do të vonohemi (We will not be late)
  • Ju nuk do të largoheni (You will not leave)
  • Ne nuk do të kemi (We will not have)
  • Ata nuk do të shohin (They will not see) masculine
  • Ato nuk do të thonë. (They will not say) feminine

Interrogative Form:

  • A (question particle) + do të (will) + infinitive verb
  • A do të shkosh? ( Will you go?)
  • A do të luajmë? (Will we play?)
  • A do të ndëgjojnë? (WIll they listen?)

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