Learn How to Use Adjectives in the Albanian Language

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****Adjectives in Albanian, like in many other languages, are words used to describe or modify nouns. In Albanian, adjectives agree in gender and number with the nouns they modify.

Examples of Adjectives:

1. Size Adjectives

  • i madh (big)
  • i vogël (small)

Qualitative Adjectives

  • i mirë (good)
  • i keq (bad)
  • i bukur (handsome)
  • e bukur (beautiful)
  • i shpejtë (fast)

Color Adjectives

  • i kuq (red)
  • i zi (black)
  • i bardhë (white)
  • i gjelbërt (green)

Age Adjectives

  • i ri (young)
  • i moshuar (old)

Here are a few examples:

  • Shoqja ime është shumë e bukur. (My (girl)friend is very beautiful)
  • Fëmijët e tij janë të zgjuar. (His children are smart)
  • Shkolla jonë është e vjetër. (Our school is old)
  • Qeni i saj është i shpejtë. (Her dog is fast)
  • Vajza e tyre është shumë e njohur. (Their daughter is very well-known)

There are these types of adjectives as well:

Possessive adjectives in Albanian

Possessive adjectives in Albanian are used to indicate ownership or possession of a noun.

They go as follows:

  • im (my)
  • yt (your, informal singular)
  • i tij/ i saj (his/her)
  • ynë (our)
  • juaj (your, informal plural)
  • i tyre (their)


  • Telefoni im (My phone)
  • Fustani i saj (Her dress)
  • Mësuesja e tyre (Their teacher)
  • Problemi juaj (Your problem, informal plural)

Demonstrative adjectives in Albanian

Demonstrative adjectives in Albanian are used to indicate and specify the proximity or distance of a noun in relation to the speaker.

They go as follows:

  • ky (this, masculine)
  • ai (that, masculine)
  • ajo (that, feminine)
  • këta (these, masculine plural)
  • ato (those, feminine plural)


  • Ky libër - This book (masculine singular)
  • Kjo shtëpi - This house (feminine singular)
  • Ai djalë - That boy (masculine singular)
  • Ajo vajzë - That girl (feminine singular)
  • Këta njerëz - These people (masculine plural)
  • Këto lule - These flowers (feminine plural)

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